First Aid

Psychological First Aid is a life-saving skill that prepares one on how to support and help someone who is in emotional distress. Its technique is based on the concept of human resilience as it helps to reduce the stress reaction and restore emotional balance. The ultimate goal of psychological first aid is to prevent the development of further psychological scars. 

Proven for its effectiveness, psychological first aid is endorsed, accepted and recognised by many international agencies as the recommended basic response in a crisis. Mental health experts described psychological first aid as the “acute intervention of choice”. 

8 hours

$120 (no GST)

F2F / Blended

Certificate of Completion

Attain the Certified PFA Practitioner

with 3 additional modules


Introduction to PFA

  • Definition, Concepts & Its Components

Crisis Intervention

  • Crisis Intervention Concepts
  • Reactions to a Crisis, Stress & Coping

Actions Principles in PFA

  • PFA based on WHO Model
  • Guidelines in Providing PFA
  • Essential Skills in PFA

PFA Demo & Practice

  • Case scenarios are customised based on organization’s needs