Mental Health
First Aid

With the high prevalence of mental health concerns after the pandemic, it is timely for us to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the common mental illness so that we can better reach out and support those who are demonstrating such indicators. 

This workshop aims to increase our mental health literacy on the five common mental illnesses in Singapore, in the hope to demystify the many misconceptions of mental disorders. It explains the risk and protective factors as well as the causes and triggers of mental illness. Most importantly, it equips us with certain techniques to de-escalate, respond or signpost when faced with a mental health crisis.

6 hours

$150 (no GST)

F2F / Blended

Certificate of Participation


Introduction to Mental Health

  • Mental Wellness vs Mental Illness
  • Components of Mental Wellbeing

Overview of Mental Illness/ Disorders

  • Categories/Types of Mental Illness
  • Risk factors of Mental Illness
  • Top 5 Mental Illness in Singapore

Providing Support

  • Importance of Psychoeducation
  • Mental Health resources in Singapore
  • Self-Care