First Aid

Emotional first aid is often unthinkable. We know emotional injuries hurt us the same way as physical wounds. Yet, we often dismiss such injuries. Emotional first aid is a concept of taking care and nursing these emotional wounds so that they do not become more damaging in the long run. 

This workshop focuses on building your stress coping mechanism to increase emotional strength and resilience. Based on the concepts of neuroscience,  emotional first aid aims to enhance your sense of self-awareness, leading to practical tips in cultivating self-compassion and self-care.

6 hours

$120 (no GST)

F2F / Blended

Certificate of Participation


Introduction to Emotions

  • What is emotion?
  • Why do we need emotion?

Emotion and Mental Health

  • What is emotional wound?
  • Stress and Coping
  • Building emotional resilience

Emotional First Aid

  • The pyramid of self-care
  • Developing a self-care strategy
  • Essential emotional skills
  • 7 steps to emotional first aid