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Psychosocial Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to promote and advance efforts and knowledge on psychosocial support; its importance and its principles.


Psychosocial is a term coined from the word psychology and social. Psychology refers to the study of cognition, emotion and behaviour while social refers to anything relating to human society and its interaction with one another. 

Thus, in essence psychosocial refers to the interaction and intersection between a person’s psyche such as thoughts, emotions and behaviours in response to their social factors.

Psychosocial Support

Refers to any non-therapeutic interventions that address a person’s emotional, mental and social capacity with the long-term objective to enhance, promote and strengthen resilience.

Our Facilitators

Faiszah A. Hamid

Executive Consultant
Principal Facilitator

Chin Meng Leng

Associate Facilitator

Gerard Goh

Associate Facilitator

Susan Ong

Associate Facilitator

Muhammad Bin Abdul Majid


PFA Workshops Testimonials

Ministry of Education

  • Trainer was very competent and she was able to engage everyone even without IT. Amazing content and delivery!
  • Thank you for the very engaging workshop. The way it was conducted really helped with retention and was very affirming. 
  • Really loved the execution. Activities were engaging. Learning points were abundant.
  • Very insightful. Should be a core module for EOs and School Leaders. The trainer is very knowledgeable and coaches well and full with empathy.
  • Enjoy the session with lots of hands-on and informative lesson.
  • Would like to enrol in courses like this one again. I feel that it is beneficial especially in our jobs.
  • Faiszah is a great and engaging trainer, she is very energetic and passionate on what she does. Her energy is so contagious,
    very positive.

New Life Stories

I find the session very insightful and rewarding. I find the segments of role playing and drawing a great way of illustrating communication and as a form of “soft” assessment of what I have learnt.

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

  • Excellent sharing of real-life examples and practical tips and making PFA more accessible to all. Participants were engaged and interested throughout. Slides-free teaching is
    surprisingly effective.
  • Faiszah was very knowledgeable and expressed much passion about the topic, which was useful for learners. 
  • Ms Faiszah is one of the best instructors. Thank you so much. 
  • Gerard was very engaging and went out of his way to share plenty of experiences and practical examples. Really appreciate that it is not pure out of textbook material.

Sage Counselling Centre

Good use of humour and illustrations. A most memorable
learning experience. Highly recommended training for everyone!

Care Community Services

Meng brings forth great energy from the beginning, and she’s
very engaging and generous in her sharing. Learnt a lot from her sharing and experiences!


SG Assist

  • Trainer Faiszah was spectacular in her curriculum delivery with her extensive ground experience. 
  • This training is very helpful in understanding how to manage people’s emotions during a crisis. It is also helpful in daily life.


Blossom World Society

Gerard was very knowledgeable and carried out the lesson in a light hearted way, which makes it easier for me to understand.

Temasek Polytechnic

  • The facilitator had good knowledge of the topic and managed to facilitate the session extremely well, bringing out the teaching moments. 
  • Very useful, practical and engaging course with knowledge and skills that can be applied in many situations.

Singapore Polytechnic

I immensely enjoyed the training and would definitely
recommend this training to others.

Singapore Bible College

  • Thanks for the really engaging and informative training. The materials were very well structured and presented.
  • Ms Faiszah conducted the PFA session/course so well. I thoroughly enjoyed and felt engaged throughout. She communicates clearly and the content was good food for thought. It helped that we were comfortable with our peers, so we could laugh at our mistakes without feeling hurt. It was truly wonderful session, worth our time!

LASALLE College of the Arts

  • Thank you to trainer Faiszah with her knowledge, sincerity and energy.
  • Surprisingly a fun session making it memorable.
  • Very interesting and useful workshop that provided me with more insights of PFA.
  • The trainer makes the session comfortable and easy to understand.