To deliver safe, ethical and quality psychosocial support training and services in accordance with international standards under the International Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) framework. 


To be an active agency in building and advancing capacity in psychosocial support.

What We Offer

Training Workshop

We are the specialist training provider in Psychological First Aid and the approved provider for MOE. We have trained over 1000 people in PFA.

Psychoeducation Talks

Our psychoeducation talks serve to elevate awareness and understanding on specific topics related to psychosocial support and mental health.

Case Management

Our case management service focuses on the identification of needs of the patients/clients of organization that do have internal expertise to conduct the needs assessments. We then propose the appropriate psychological care plan to address the needs for the organizations to follow up.

Crisis Response

Our crisis response team comprises of a group of individuals who have been specifically trained to provide emotional support and psychological first aid during and in the aftermath of a critical event; be it an accident at work, a personal tragedy or community crisis.

Counselling & Therapy

We provide counselling and psychotherapy for various emotional and mental challenges. Our sessions are geared to help you gain better insight into yourself to attain a more holistic living.

Psychosocial Initiative aims to generate innovative knowledge, build capacity, provide technical expertise through our psychoeducation series, workshops and customized programmes for everyone.


We do the right thing, always.

We uphold integrity and respect in all we do.

Shared Purposes

We align our purpose to serve in the best interest of our clients and
the community.
We encourage collaboration and celebrate diversity.


We seek new ways to make
learning fun.

We embrace change and challenges to remain relevant.

The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt by the heart.

-Hellen Keller