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Psychoeducation emotional literacy

Psychoeducation Mental Health literacy

The psychoeducation talk focusses on issues relating to psychological first aid and mental wellbeing. The talk aims to introduce and bring awareness to the concept and role of psychological first aid within the mental health scene. It also addresses the importance of mental and emotional literacy so as to create better insight to our pursuit of mental wellbeing.

This psychoeducation talk is by no way a substitute or equivalent to the transfer of knowledge as a part of the therapeutic intervention in mental health treatment.

psychological first aid talk

Interested to know what PFA is all about ?

You heard or read somewhere about psychological first aid and wonder what the buzz is all about When is PFA applied and who might be in need of PFA Most importantly why PFA has been called the “intervention of choice” by many mental health professionals.

Mental health literacy

Interested to seek clarity on mental health ?

You are lost in the maze to understand your own mental health state You wonder if you need mental health treatment whenever you are overwhelmed Does feeling stressed the same as feeling depressed? Most importantly you want to be able to differentiate fact from fiction

Emotional literacy

Interested to understand the world of emotions and its importance ?

You are aware as humans, we experience a myriad of emotions over time Yet you are perplexed why certain statements upset you or make you anxious Most importantly you wonder what do the emotions mean and what can you do to navigate them better

  • The talk/webinar can be done online or physically.
  • Each session ranges from 60 mins to 90 mins.
  • Each session is $250 all inclusive.
  • Maximum capacity for each session is 30.